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Hawaii Activities

The island of Hawaii is so diverse even its residents can't agree on what to call it. Residents refer to it as the Big Island because it's larger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands, but others also refer to it as the Volcano Island or the Orchid Island. Hawaii is filled with contrasts: lush tropical rainforests and grassy rolling hills; sunny beaches and snow-capped volcanic mountain peaks; barren deserts and thriving cities.

WaipioActivities on the Big Island of Hawaii
The Island of Hawaii is home to most of the world's climate zones. The Big Island is not just a tropical paradise; it contains a variety of climates, some unexpected.  From desert, to rolling ranch-country hills, to rainforest, to sub-alpine meadows, there's sure to be an outdoor spot for you.  Among other activities, you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe, snow ski, parasail, hike in rainforests, kayak, paddle a Hawaiian canoe, watch whales, or surf; go boogie boarding, scuba diving, fine dining, sailing, big-game fishing, hunting, or bird watching; take pictures, visit coral reefs in a submarine, visit historical Hawaiian sites; take bus tours, boat tours, helicopter tours, hiking tours, sailboat tours, and mountain bike tours; go to a luau, learn how to hula and weave lauhala, get a tan, and relax!

SunsetAttractions on the Big Island of Hawaii
Hawaii's diverse climates make it perfect for the nthat Mother Nature has to offer.  We have volcanoes, lava, geothermal vents, huge ancient lava flows (and some more modern ones); rainforests and rainbows; black sand, white sand, and green sand beaches; whales, dolphins, turtles, and incredible tropical fish; snow, rushing rivers, and majestic towering waterfalls; Hawaiian heiaus (temples) and historical sites; geckos, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hula dancing, deserts, some of the world's tallest mountains, jungles, tropical downpours, and an island community full of friendly people.

Specific localities you'll particularly want to check out include:

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can view the volcano eruptions, or gaze at the stars from a telescope at the top of Mauna Kea   Drive to these great location using Dollar Rental Car
  • Akaka Falls
  • Local coffee & macadamia nut plantations
  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Lapakahi Historical State Park
  • Parker Ranch
  • Pololu Valley
  • Rain forests
  • Waipio Valley
  • Keokea Beach Park
  • Mahukona Beach Park
  • Spenser Beach State Park
  • Kauna'oa Beach at the Mauna Kea Beach Resort
  • Hapuna Beach State Park
  • Anaeho'omalu Bay
  • Kona Coast State Park

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